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Baby & Child

Bath Time for Baby

Bath time can be fun time for baby and for you! Here are a few easy tips for bathing baby, from newborn to infant, and key things to keep in mind while buying a tub for your little one.

The "Ideal" Age Gap?

Is there a “perfect” length of time to wait between having kids? There’s a lot of advice; here's a breakdown on the different takes.

How Baby Communicates

Your baby finds all kinds of ways to communicate: moving, pointing and, of course, crying. But what exactly is she saying?

Ask a Pediatrician

Have a question you can't (or don't want to) ask your own doctors? Our experts are here to help.

Kids and Allergies

Alas, it's pretty common for babies and young kids to develop allergies of one kind or another. Is there anything you can do to treat them – or avoid them altogether?
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