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Labor & Delivery

Am I in Labor?

Sure, you have your due date – but that’s more of a guideline than a guarantee. There’s no way to know exactly when your baby will come, so you may find yourself wondering: How will I know when labor starts? More

Preterm Birth

If baby comes before week 37 of pregnancy, it’s considered preterm. What to do if you feel preterm labor coming on, and what it means for your baby. More

Oscar: Hypnobirth and Cord Complication

I had been able to get through the whole thing without an epidural, but the hardest part was still to come ...

Planned C-section

Some women schedule their babies' birth by C-section, either by choice or out of medical necessity. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a planned C-section?

Emergency C-section

An emergency C-section is performed when the life of the child or the mother (or both) is in danger. More

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