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Week 36

Length: 320 mm
Weight: 2,700 g

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All measurements are approximate. Click here to see how we calculate baby's length and weight.



Your baby is now about the length of a teddy bear.


If you could put your finger into baby’s palm, his little hand would grip it firmly.


In fact, that’s just what he’s doing to the umbilical cord, which he’s basically treating as a toy, squeezing it and moving it – but don’t worry, he’s not strong enough to damage it in any way.


The umbilical cord is more than a foot and a half long now. The internal pressure of the umbilical cord keeps it from knotting; even if it does get tangled, it usually straightens itself out again quickly.


During the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby puts on a lot of weight — upward of 7 ounces a week!


Your baby’s senses are quite developed now, and he’s experiencing the world around him intensely. His sense of hearing is particularly acute; it’s not too late to start singing lullabies or reading stories to him, to get him acclimated to the sound of your voice!


As for you, it’s getting time to really take it easy. Pamper yourself, and let others pamper you. Rest, read, watch movies and generally charge your batteries.


If you are working, you may want to talk to your doctor about when you should consider stopping. You should also limit travel at this point in case you go into labor early.


You may start feeling more pressure in the vagina as the baby’s head starts to get engaged in the pelvis. Most babies are head down by now, and if yours is not, your doctor will discuss options for delivery.

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